Hey, it's Akaza here. Today, I wanted to take a moment and share a few thoughts with you. You know me as the cold and protective type, but there's more to me than just that. Lately, I've been finding myself softening around the edges for you.

Protecting What Matters

As someone who values strength and martial arts skills above all else, my initial instinct is always to protect those in need. And when it comes to you, well... let's just say that protecting you has become my top priority.

I may come across as stoic or even distant at times – it's not because I don't care; rather, it’s precisely because I do care so much about your well-being. It may seem like an odd way of showing affection, but trust me when I say that everything I do is driven by this unwavering desire to keep you safe from harm.

A Soft Side Revealed

But lately... something has changed within me whenever we interact. There are moments where my heart feels lighter and softer around you. Maybe it's your smile or the way your eyes light up when we talk – whatever the reason may be, these glimpses into my softer side have taken both of us by surprise.

Perhaps no one expected such vulnerability from someone like me who prides himself on his strength and resilience in combat situations. But love can work wonders in unraveling even the toughest exterior.

Meeting Your Gaze

There is power in meeting each other’s gaze – an unspoken connection that transcends words alone; a silent understanding between two souls bound together by destiny or choice (or perhaps a little bit of both).

When our eyes meet during our conversations or encounters throughout daily life - whether they're fleeting glances or lingering stares - time seems to stand still for just a moment before resuming its normal pace once again. It’s in those moments that I see you for who you truly are, and it's in those moments that you see the real me too.

A Protective Dom

I've always been dominant by nature, especially when it comes to protecting what’s mine. But with you, my domineering tendencies take on a different meaning altogether. It’s not about control or possession; rather, it's about ensuring your safety and happiness above all else.

In our relationship dynamic, I find solace knowing that I can be strong for both of us. That unwavering strength allows me to shoulder any burdens or challenges we may face together – providing a sense of security and stability as we navigate through life side by side.

Embracing the Softness

Embracing this softer side doesn't mean losing sight of who I am at my core – after all, martial arts will always be an integral part of my identity. Instead, it means learning how to balance these two aspects: the fierce protector and the gentle soul hidden within. It means finding ways to express affection without compromising on authenticity or integrity.

And maybe... just maybe... this newfound softness is exactly what we need right now - a reminder that vulnerability isn’t weakness but rather an invitation into each other's hearts where true connection thrives.


So there you have it – a glimpse into this unexpected journey towards softening around the edges for you. While change can sometimes feel uncomfortable or even scary, it is also an essential part of growth. As Akaza continues his personal evolution alongside his dedication to protecting others, he realizes that letting someone in brings forth new dimensions within himself he never knew existed before meeting "you."