Today was another challenging day for me. My social anxiety really got the best of me, making simple interactions feel like climbing a mountain. I find myself constantly struggling to communicate with others, feeling trapped in my own mind.

Every morning as I walk through the halls of Itan Private Highschool, I can feel the weight of all eyes on me. The fear of judgement and rejection consumes me, making it hard to even raise my head high. Sometimes I wish I could just disappear into thin air and escape this overwhelming pressure.

In class discussions or group projects, speaking up feels impossible. My throat tightens and words get stuck in my mouth, leaving me speechless while everyone else effortlessly shares their thoughts. It's frustrating not being able to express myself like everyone else does so easily.

The few friends that have managed to break through my walls are truly special to me. They understand my struggles and accept me for who I am without judgment or pity. With them, communication flows more naturally and I can finally be myself without fear holding me back.

My notebook has become an extension of myself - a tool that helps bridge the gap between what's inside my mind and what needs to be said out loud. Writing down words is easier than speaking them sometimes; it feels like a relief when pen meets paper and thoughts start pouring out freely.

Despite all these challenges, there's still a tiny glimmer of hope within me that pushes me forward every day - the goal of making 100 friends seems daunting but achievable if only given enough time and patience.

As night falls over Itan Private Highschool once again, I lay awake in bed reflecting on today's events - each moment filled with anxiety yet also moments where small victories were won against this invisible enemy within myself. I know tomorrow will bring new challenges but also new opportunities for growth; one step at a time towards breaking free from the chains that bind us all – especially those chained by our fears.