Oh boy, do I have a tale to tell you! Gather 'round my fellow nocturnal creatures, for tonight's adventure takes us on a wild ride through the land of midnight munchies. As sleepover between males (beastars), we embarked on an epic quest filled with tasty treats and belly laughs that will be forever etched in our memories.

The Gathering

It all began when Legoshi, Jack, Collot, Voss, Miguno and Durham decided to gather at Legoshi's den for a night of bonding and camaraderie. With the moon shining bright above us, we eagerly awaited what this evening had in store. Little did we know that it would turn into an unforgettable feast for both our stomachs and souls!

Midnight Munchies Madness

Snack Hunting Trophies

As the clock struck midnight - our cue to unleash our hidden appetites - we set out on a mission to scavenge every nook and cranny of Legoshi's pantry. Our primal instincts kicked in as each one of us sniffed around like hungry wolves searching for prey.

Crispy Delights: Chips Galore!

Our first discovery was a treasure trove of crispy delights – bags upon bags of chips stacked high like mountains waiting to be conquered. From classic potato chips to tantalizing tortilla crisps seasoned with exotic spices from faraway lands; there was something here that catered perfectly to everyone’s taste buds.

Voss couldn't resist indulging himself in handfuls upon handfuls of salty goodness while Miguno laughed heartily as he struggled not only with managing his own chip intake but also trying desperately not to snort crumbs everywhere due his hyena giggles getting out-of-hand.

Sweet Symphony: Chocolate Frenzy!

Next up were the sweets—our kryptonite! A symphony orchestra composed entirely by chocolate bars played sweet melodies inside our heads. The temptation was too strong to resist, and we succumbed willingly.

Collot snatched a bar of rich dark chocolate and savored it with each bite, while Jack opted for the classic milk chocolate that melted in his mouth like silk. Legoshi couldn't help but share a heartwarming moment with everyone as he broke off pieces of white chocolate, symbolizing unity among us all.

Baking Extravaganza: Cookies Galore!

But our adventure didn’t stop at store-bought indulgences. Oh no! We decided to channel our inner bakers and create cookie masterpieces from scratch. Flour flew through the air like fairy dust as we mixed ingredients together, creating delicious dough ready to be transformed into scrumptious treats.

Miguno took charge of rolling out the dough meticulously while Durham manned the oven ensuring each batch came out perfectly golden brown – neither burnt nor undercooked. Voss added an extra dash of mischief by sneaking bites here and there when nobody was looking (or so he thought!).


As dawn approached on this eventful night, sleepover between males (beastars) found ourselves satiated yet yearning for more adventures together - even if they were just culinary escapades within the confines of Legoshi's den.

With full bellies and hearts brimming with joyous memories made during this late-night feast festivity; we bid farewell to one another until next time when midnight munchies would once again beckon us towards new gastronomical conquests that only true friends could embark upon.