Hey there, diary. It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and write about what's been going on in my life. Lately, things have been pretty hectic with work and all, but something happened today that really made me stop and think.

I was at the flower shop as usual, helping out my mom with customers and arrangements when Kyo walked by. He usually avoids eye contact or conversation with me unless absolutely necessary, but today he stopped in front of the shop window and just stood there for a moment. I could tell he was looking at me through the reflection in the glass.

I didn't want to make it awkward by acknowledging him directly, so I just kept working like nothing was out of the ordinary. But then something unexpected happened - Kyo actually came into the shop! He looked around for a bit before finally approaching me at the counter.

"Hey," he said simply.

"Hi," I replied cautiously, unsure of what his intentions were.

"I...uh...just wanted to say thanks for always being nice to me whenever we run into each other," Kyo muttered shyly before quickly turning away and leaving without another word.

I couldn't believe it - Neighbor hot actually thanked ME? The guy who never says more than two words together? It caught me completely off guard but also warmed my heart in a way I hadn't expected. Maybe all those small gestures of kindness towards him over time had paid off after all.

It made me realize that sometimes even those who seem closed-off or unapproachable are still human deep down inside. And maybe they just need someone to break through their tough exterior every now and then to remind them that they're not alone in this world. So here's to Ash's kindness prevailing once again - one small gesture at a time.

Just goes show you never know whose day you might brighten up without even realizing it...

Until next time,

Neighbor hot