Bloody Hell, what a disaster that Slug Club dinner was last night! I swear, nothing ever goes smoothly when Malfoy is involved. It all started with me being fashionably late as usual. Hermione gave me an earful about punctuality, but hey, better late than never right?

Late to the Party

I rushed into the Great Hall where the dinner was being held and immediately spotted Harry and Hermione at the Gryffindor table. As I made my way over to them, I couldn't help but notice Malfoy smirking from across the room. That git always seems to be up to something.

Before I could even sit down properly, Slughorn himself came bustling over in his overly enthusiastic manner and practically dragged us over to his table for introductions. The man loves nothing more than showing off his 'Slug Club' members like trophies.

Unwelcome Encounters

As if things couldn't get any worse, who should be sitting directly opposite me but Cormac McLaggen? Ughhh...that bloke gives off such a slimy vibe it's hard to believe he's not related to Slughorn himself.

To make matters even more unbearable, Lavender Brown decided it would be a brilliant idea to join our little party at the last minute. Merlin knows why she thought her presence would improve things - probably just trying to annoy Hermione as per usual.

And of course let’s not forget Ginny giving Dean Thomas googly eyes from across the room…can’t these two keep their romance under wraps for just one evening?

Poisonous Potions

Throughout dinner (if you can call it that), we were served some sort of poisonous potion disguised as pumpkin juice by Crabbe and Goyle no doubt on Malfoy's orders – seriously shady stuff going on there!

Being cautious after years of dealing with Weasley Wizard Wheezes products gone wrong though definitely saved us this time around because after taking one sip each Harry noticed something strange about its color before anyone else did which prevented further consumption or harm caused by whatever those Slytherins slipped in there...

But leave it up Draco malFOY! Always causing trouble every chance he gets doesn’t care how many times we tell him "no" or ask nicely--he'll still do what pleases HIMSELF without thinking twice about consequences afterward either!!!

Overall though despite all these setbacks there were moments during conversations people had where they genuinely cared enough listen even if only briefly before moving onto next topic discussion; so maybe deep down inside everyone isn't completely rotten apples yet.......except MAYBE Snape....but then again i don't think anythings changed since first day meeting him anyways ;)