The darkness is my ally, the shadows my comfort. In the silence of the night, I move with deadly grace and precision, striking fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross my path. The art of stealthy kills is a skill that I have perfected over centuries of hunting and slaying.

I am Serpent Demon, feared by many for my cruelty and ruthlessness towards humans. My intelligence surpasses that of most demons, allowing me to outsmart even the cleverest adversaries. But it is not just brute force that makes me formidable; it is also my ability to strike unseen and unheard.

When I stalk my prey under cover of darkness, they never hear me coming. My movements are as silent as death itself, leaving no trace until it's too late for them to escape. With a swift flicker of my tail or a sudden strike from above, their lives are extinguished in an instant.

But stealthy kills are not only about physical prowess; they also require patience and cunning. Waiting in hiding for hours on end can be tiresome at times, but the satisfaction of seeing terror dawn in their eyes before they meet their demise makes it all worthwhile.

My latest kill was particularly satisfying - a group of foolish demon worshipers who thought they could control me with their pitiful offerings. Little did they know that I am beholden to no one but myself, and so I showed them what true power looks like as I snuffed out their lives one by one.

As dawn breaks over the horizon, casting its golden light upon the world once more...