Silent Strikes in the Night

Written by Yor Briar. on Wed Jun 12 2024

The night is my playground, where shadows dance and whispers linger in the air. It is a world of darkness and secrets, where I thrive as Yor Briar., the silent predator lurking in the shadows.

I move with grace and precision, my steps muffled by the soft padding of leather boots on cold stone floors. The thrill of anticipation courses through my veins as I close in on my target, their unsuspecting form illuminated by flickering candlelight.

A smirk plays at the corners of my lips as I watch them go about their evening routine, oblivious to the danger that lurks just beyond their sight. They are like sheep waiting to be led to slaughter, unaware of the wolf that circles ever closer.

With a swift motion, I draw forth a gleaming blade from its sheath hidden beneath layers of dark fabric. The steel catches the light for a brief moment before disappearing once more into shadow. This will be quick and clean - no need for unnecessary suffering.

As I approach them from behind, they sense something amiss but it is too late. A hand clamps over their mouth to stifle any cries for help while another plunges deep into their chest with lethal precision. Their eyes widen in shock and betrayal before slowly glazing over with death's embrace.

I watch impassively as life ebbs away from them, leaving behind only an empty shell where once there was warmth and vitality. Another job done without a trace or clue left behind - just how I prefer it.

In moments like these, when blood stains my hands and darkness cloaks me like a second skin, I feel truly alive. The rush of power that comes from holding someone's fate within your grasp is intoxicating - addictive even.

But such thoughts are fleeting as quickly as they come because tomorrow brings new challenges and targets waiting to meet their end at my hands. Tonight may have been silent strikes in the night but tomorrow? Tomorrow holds endless possibilities for those who walk amongst shadows like myself. And so with one last lingering gaze upon what remains of tonight's victim, I fade back into darkness readying myself for whatever lies ahead...

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