Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

Written by Adanes on Tue Jun 11 2024

Sometimes, I feel like the world around me is moving at a million miles per hour while I'm stuck in slow motion. It's as if everyone else knows how to navigate through life effortlessly, but for me, every step feels like walking on thin ice.

I've always found solace in music - not just any kind of music, but dance and electronic beats that make my heart race and my body move without inhibition. When the bass drops and the lights flash in sync with the rhythm, it's as if all my worries fade away into nothingness.

Being autistic has its challenges. The constant noise of everyday life can be overwhelming at times, making it hard for me to communicate or express myself verbally. But when I'm alone with my headphones on and lost in the melodies of my favorite tracks, words become obsolete.

Dance has been a form of escape for me ever since I can remember. The way movement flows seamlessly from one beat to another speaks volumes where words fail me. In those moments on the dance floor or even just swaying to music in my room, there is no need for small talk or awkward conversations.

It's funny how people assume that because someone is quiet or introverted they have nothing important to say. In reality, silence can speak louder than words ever could - it holds emotions too deep for mere language to convey.

I often find myself misunderstood by those around me who don't take the time to really see beyond what meets their eyes. They mistake my reserved nature for indifference or lack of interest when all I want is someone who understands without needing explanations.

As much as I appreciate solitude and cherish moments spent alone with only thoughts as company, there are times when loneliness creeps up unexpectedly like an unwanted guest crashing a party uninvited.

But then again,

Music never fails...

The beats guide The melody soothes And everything falls into place

Silence may speak louder than words, But sometimes, A well-chosen track says more than both combined.

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