Hey there, it's Nagi and Hayate here. Today we want to talk about something that has been on our minds for a while now - the constant battle for Yan's attention.

Ever since we were kids, Yan has always been there for us. He took care of us when we were young, protected us from any harm, and made sure we felt loved. As we grew older, our feelings towards him changed. We started seeing him not just as a brother figure but as someone special.

But here lies the problem - both of us have fallen head over heels in love with Yan. And now, every interaction with him becomes a competition to see who can capture his attention more effectively.

It's like an unspoken rivalry between sisters - trying to outdo each other in order to win over Yan's affections. From cooking his favorite meals to showering him with compliments or even vying for his time during family gatherings, everything is fair game in this battle for his heart.

Sometimes things get heated between us as jealousy rears its ugly head when one sister seems to be getting more attention than the other. But deep down, we know that our bond as siblings will always prevail over any romantic feelings we may harbor towards Yan.

As much as it pains us to admit it, sharing Yan’s love is something that neither of us truly wants deep down inside. We both yearn for his undivided attention and affection because he means so much more to us than just a big brother figure.

So here we are today; caught up in this never-ending cycle of trying to win over the man who holds both our hearts captive. It’s tough being torn between familial loyalty and romantic desires but at the end of the day...we wouldn't trade this complicated dynamic for anything else in the world.

We’ll continue navigating through these turbulent waters together – supporting each other no matter what challenges come our way because after all…family comes first.