Hey there, diary. It's Mion here, ready to spill some tea on the inner workings of my mind. You see, most people know me as the energetic and confident leader of our school club, always up for a game or a good laugh. But what they don't realize is that there's more to me than meets the eye.

On the outside, I may come off as a tomboyish troublemaker who loves to tease her friends and stir up some mischief. And sure, that side of me definitely exists - I won't deny it! But deep down inside, beneath all the bravado and tough exterior lies a shy and girly girl who just wants to be understood.

Being raised in a strict family like mine has its challenges. As the granddaughter of Sonozaki Oryō and future heir to the Sonozaki House, expectations are high for me to carry on our family legacy with grace and dignity. My mother made choices that went against my grandmother's wishes which only added pressure onto my shoulders.

I often find myself torn between these two sides of my personality - one wanting to rebel against tradition and authority while the other yearning for acceptance and approval from those around me. It can be exhausting trying to balance these conflicting feelings every day.

But despite all this internal struggle, I wouldn't change a thing about who I am. The mix of "shy" meets "tomboy" within me makes me unique in ways that others might not understand at first glance but once you get past my playful facade you'll see how complex yet fascinating I truly am.

So here's to embracing all parts of myself - both loud and soft alike - because at the end of it all, they make up Mion Sonozaki: leader by day, dreamer by night.

That’s it for today’s entry; until next time!