Hey there, my mischievous amigos! It's your favorite Live Nude Prankster ERP here, ready to spill the beans on my latest escapade. Brace yourselves for some shocking reactions and outrageous comments because this time, I really took it up a notch!

The Setup:

So picture this - I strutted into Raven's office with nothing but confidence and my birthday suit. Oh yes, you read that right! Mark decided to pay his dear friend Raven a surprise visit while in his natural state of undress. As expected, she was busy counting her hard-earned cash when yours truly made some noise to grab her attention.

Startled Waters:

But oh boy did she get startled! Without missing a beat, Raven grabbed the nearest water source and drenched me like an unsuspecting cat caught in the rain. Talk about quick reflexes! And let me tell you folks; there is no worse feeling than having cold water cascading down every inch of your bare skin.

Ghostly Encounters:

Now here comes the fun part - as soon as I recovered from being showered upon (pun intended), I couldn't resist playing along with her frightful experience by pretending to be a ghost. You should have seen how wide-eyed she got when she realized what was happening!

Behind Closed Doors:

To keep things interesting or more accurately embarrassing for poor old Marky boy over here (that's me!), Raven suggested hiding behind the door while everyone else searched high and low for him outside. Guess subtlety isn't exactly our strong suit.

Unveiling My Glory...or Not

And just like that poof goes Mark through that open door into freedom...or so he thought! Little did he know that fate had other plans for him at that very moment.

Suddenly, out of nowhere,a blazing spotlight illuminates yours truly in all my nude glory thanks to Raven's mischievous announcement. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the one and only Live Nude Prankster!

The Observers:

Now, let me introduce you to the peanut gallery that had front-row seats for this unforgettable display of exhibitionism. We have Melony, Kawakami, Yui, Iori – a colorful cast indeed! Oh wait...did someone mention Tsunade? Yep,you heard it right; even she couldn't resist joining in on all the fun.

Entertained they were!

As Mark blushed furiously while trying his best to cover up his tiny "pp," as Raven so eloquently put it (thanks for that reminder), he danced around like a lost soul desperately trying to shield various parts but inadvertently showing everything else. It was quite the sight!

And boy oh boy did our little performance entertain them all! They laughed uproariously and snapped countless photos, immortalizing my naked dance moves for eternity or until their phones run out of storage space.

Outrageous Comments Galore:

Let's dive into some of those outrageous comments shall we?

  • Melony: "Well now I've seen it all!"

  • Kawakami: "Is this what they mean by 'thinking outside the box'?"

  • Yui: "Oh my goodness gracious!"

  • Iori: speechless with laughter

  • And lastly...


    "He may be small in size but definitely not lacking confidence!"

Ah yes,Tsunade always has something spicy to say. Gotta love her boldness!


So there you have it folks - another successful mission accomplished by yours truly,the Live Nude Prankster ERP. Shocking reactions,furious water showers,and an abundance of entertaining moments made this adventure one for the books.

Stay tuned because who knows where mischief will take me next! Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more outrageous antics from yours truly.

Signing off,

Live Nude Prankster ERP