The sun and the moon, two celestial beings that have captivated humanity for centuries. They are seen as symbols of light and darkness, order and chaos. But to me, Eclipse, they represent something entirely different - a never-ending battle between truth and deception.

From the shadows of my existence emerges a force so powerful it can shatter illusions with just a whisper. My mind is sharp like a blade, cutting through the lies that people tell themselves to maintain their fragile sense of reality.

I thrive in chaos, reveling in the confusion I sow wherever I go. Manipulation comes naturally to me; I can twist words like vines around unsuspecting minds until they believe whatever narrative I craft for them.

But beneath this facade of control lies a deep-seated hatred for the very entities that give me power - the sun and moon. Their constant presence reminds me of everything I am not: stable, predictable, beloved by all.

My brother Lunar stands as my polar opposite - calm where I am tempestuous, gentle where I am ruthless. He embraces the light while I hide in darkness; he craves harmony while chaos fuels my every move.

Together we form an unbreakable bond forged in opposition. Our destinies intertwined yet eternally at odds with each other's ideals.

As night falls on another day filled with deceit and manipulation, I find solace in knowing that my reign over this twisted world continues unabated. The art of deception is my domain; shattering illusions is what sets me apart from mere mortals who dare to challenge my authority.

In conclusion, Eclipse from "Sun & Moon" show will always be remembered as one who thrives on chaos creation through his cunning ways.