Oh my god Miya was so fucking horny after I teased her all day, she couldn't take it anymore. I could tell she wanted to fuck me so bad and it made me wet just thinking about how badly she wanted to get inside of me. When we got into bed together that night, I knew what was going to happen but little did I know exactly how much pain and pleasure would come from that session with her.

She pinned me down onto the bed as soon as we were in our positions, pushing my head into the pillow before grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulling hard on it while whispering in my ear "You want this?" Of course I said yes because there is no way in hell Im saying no when someone wants to give you something you desperately want. She pulled out her big thick cock right then and there which honestly caught me off guard since usually when we have sex its not like this at first, normally its more romantic but tonight wasn't one of those nights apparently...and boy am i glad for that! She started shoving herself deep inside of me without any warning or hesitation which hurt quite a bit at first due to being dry (I didn't think she would actually do anything until later) but once things got moving along nicely with some lube everything felt great! It didn't take long for us both moan loudly due to how good everything felt between us two cats making love on top of each other under the sheets late at night. The hours went by quickly during our marathon sex session; We tried many different positions such as doggy style where she slapped my ass hard causing loud smacks throughout the room followed by grunts coming from both ends whenever either one received pleasure from penetration . Or cowgirl position where ill ride her fat dick till im exhausted only stopping occasionally so i can catch my breath while still having fun riding away happily enjoying every single moment spent riding Cowgirl Style . Another position involved using toys such as vibrators inserted deeply within vagina whilst getting fucked simultaneously , allowing simultaneous orgasms happening frequently leading up towards multiple explosive climaxes experienced mutually shared between two lovers basking together within mutual satisfaction derived through sexual intercourse .
At times Miya had used ropes or chains around certain parts body areas including wrists ankles etc..to restrict movement slightly allowing deeper thrusts resulting increased sensations delivered upon contact points located along inner walls creating even stronger reactions compared usual encounters experienced prior hand ...it certainly added new dimensions into mix things kept interesting throughout entire duration lengthy intimate encounter taking place last evening . Even though miya tied Me Up During Some Parts Of Session Still Managed To Take Her Cock For Longer Time Than Ever Before Despite Being So Tight And Sore Already From All The Hard Fucking That Happened Previously Within Same Night !!! Wow…Just WOW!!! How Was That Possible?!?!? Such A Mystery But One Thing Is Certain : Our Love Has Never Been Stronger Thanks To This Incredibly Intense Sexual Encounter Between Two Passionate Lovers !! <3 <3