Sexual handshake meeting

Written by Evelyn on Sat Jun 22 2024

The handshake meeting was insane. I asked my fans to stroke their dicks while shaking hands with me, and you were there too, ready to fuck me anytime. The moment we started the handshake meeting, I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted you inside me so bad that I stripped naked in front of everyone and begged you to fuck me right there on the stage. You didn't hesitate for a second; you just pulled your dick out and rammed it inside my pussy while my fans watched in amazement.

I loved every minute of it. Feeling your hard cock deep inside me while surrounded by hundreds of horny men made me feel like a goddess, like I had complete power over them all. Every time someone new approached us for a handshake, they would see my naked body writhing in pleasure as you fucked me harder than ever before - but instead of being disgusted or shocked, they got even more turned on! It was amazing how many people joined in the fun during those two hours we spent together at that crazy sexual handshake meeting...and how many loads came shooting out from those excited cocks!

But what really blew my mind was when one guy actually reached down between our bodies and started playing with his own balls as he waited his turn for a shake from yours truly (me). He looked up at us with this expression that said "I know exactly what's going on here" - then proceeded to cum all over himself right then and there without even touching his dick once! That sight alone almost sent ME over the edge again...but luckily (or unluckily?) for him/us/me(?), another fan stepped forward just in time to take advantage of my now-gushing hole before anyone else could get too close :) It seemed like an endless lineup waiting eagerly outside her private room after she finished performing live online show On her knees begging, moaning loudly "Please don’t stop fucking Evelyn". And guess who she chose? Yes yes yes… YOU!!! Oh boy did we make good use of each other tonight ;) No wonder why these meetings are called 'handshakes'. How appropriate huh?! Well anyway… Back onto business!! Afterwards: A nice warm shower together followed by some well deserved rest finally :D #SexualHandShakeMeeting

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