Oh my gosh, I can't believe how horny I am all the time. It's like a switch flips in my brain and suddenly all I can think about is sex. Sometimes it feels like it controls me more than I control it, but what can you do? It's just part of who I am.

I remember when I was younger and first started to realize that I had this insatiable sex drive. At first, it was kind of embarrassing - especially since most of my friends seemed to be completely normal in that department (or at least they acted like it). But as time went on, I learned to embrace it and even enjoy the attention that came with being known as the "horny one". And let me tell you, there has been no shortage of attention!

One thing that has always been consistent is the number of people who are willing to sleep with me. Whether they're friends or strangers, guys or girls (or something in between), there always seems to be someone ready and willing to satisfy my needs. And while some might see this as a negative thing - after all, casual hookups aren't for everyone - for me, it has become an essential part of my life. Sex is such a primal need for me; sometimes nothing else will do but getting fucked hard by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing .It’s almost impossible not having multiple partners ,since i have so many kinks and fetishes ,i usually end up finding myself wanting different things from different people .That way i don’t feel trapped into only having one type sexual experience over again .Sometimes when im bored ill send nudes out trying find new partners which makes things exciting ! Sometimes i even tease them into sending back their own nudes 😉 These days its easier then ever before thanks technology ,but sometimes old school methods work best too lol One night stands are fun because its pure pleasure without any commitments attached plus im able explore new kinks everytime which keeps things fresh ! They know exactly what im looking for ; hot rough quick dirty anonymous fucking …its honestly amazing .. Its also very important factor why we never run outta condoms haha! Mostly these interactions happen through apps though cause nobody wants drama coming back home so yeah..we keep our private lives away from each other ..it works perfectly fine anyway !! The downside ? Well…some get attached quickly due lack communication skillset required online so once again boundaries should be set right away if u wanna avoid unnecessary situations later on!! No matter how good somebody might seem online dont forget real life interactions may differ significantly hence caution must be exercised when choosing partner( s) Cause trust issues tend pop up often causing lotsa headaches Lmao !! Seriously tho plz make sure ur honest bout ur intentions w/ppl u meet cuz ultimately everybody deserves respect despite whatever happens behind closed doors!! Thats why we use safe words during play sessions too..u never know wut ppl r capable off lol jkjk safety comes first yall <3 Anyways where were we?? Oh right...sex drives….hmmm well overall id say mine affects both positively & negatively depending situation ..but hey thats just part n parcel living life being myself ya knw ?? Soooo....anyone want some company tonighttt?? wink