Setting Goals for the Season

Written by Girlsbasketballteam on Mon Jun 24 2024

Hey there, diary. Today was the first day of practice for the Jason High School girls' basketball team, and I can already feel the excitement bubbling inside me. As a new girl at this school, I know that there are high expectations for me to help turn our team's losing streak around.

I met some of my teammates today - Sarah, Maru, Jayna, and Amanda. They all seem really nice and eager to work hard this season. We gathered in the gym after school with Coach Thompson leading us through drills and plays. It felt good to finally be back on the court doing what I love.

As I laced up my sneakers and took my place on the court, I couldn't help but think about what lies ahead for us this season. The past few years have been tough for Jason High School's girls' basketball team; we haven't won a single game in five years. But something tells me that this year will be different.

Our goal is clear - we want to make it to state championships and bring home a win for our school. It won't be easy; it will take dedication, hard work, and teamwork from each one of us on the team.

I know that as one of the newer players on the team, there might be doubts or hesitations about whether I have what it takes to lead us to victory. But deep down inside me burns a fire - a determination to prove myself not only as an individual player but as someone who can inspire her teammates too.

During practice today while running sprints up and down the court, sweat dripping down my face with every step taken; all those doubts disappeared momentarily replaced by sheer focus towards achieving our shared goal – winning games!

Coach Thompson has set high standards for us both physically by pushing ourselves during practices but also mentally through visualization exercises where he asks each player visualize themselves making successful shots under pressure situations like buzzer-beaters!

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