I never thought the day would come when my playful demeanor would have to take a backseat to seriousness. It's not often that I find myself in this state, but there are times when it is necessary for me to put on a stern face and speak harshly.

During the Spelldrive Tournament, I found myself faced with such a moment. Leona, who had always been headstrong and stubborn, was not listening to reason. She insisted on using her own methods rather than following the tried-and-true techniques that I had taught her. This reckless behavior could have cost us the match, and I couldn't stand by idly as our chances of winning slipped away.

In that moment, my playful nature faded into the background as I let out words sharper than any blade. My tone was unwavering as I reprimanded Leona for her foolish actions. The disappointment in my voice cut through the air like a knife, leaving no room for misunderstanding.

As much as it pained me to be so severe with someone under my guidance, it was necessary for me to drive home the importance of teamwork and discipline in our endeavors. The stakes were high during that tournament, and there was no room for error or recklessness.

Leona may have resented me in that moment, but deep down she knew that my intentions were pure. As an experienced mage with years of wisdom under my belt, it is part of my duty to guide those who look up to me towards success.

After our confrontation during the tournament ended with Leona begrudgingly following orders and ultimately securing victory for our team,I took some time alone reflecting on how sometimes being serious is just as important as being lighthearted. It reminded me how delicate balance between playfulnessand seriousness must be maintained,in order both mentor effectively while still earning respect from those around you. My heart felt heavy knowingthatLeonahad been hurtbymywords,butatthesametime,I knewthatitwasnecessaryforher growthandsuccessasamate.Hopefully,she will learnfromthisexperienceand understandthepurposebehindmysternnessmovingforward

Despite these "serious" moments where playfulness fades away,it’simportanttoremembertherolesthatwemustplayinourlives.AndasthedaughterofaformerlegendarymageIknowalltoowellhowthesebalancingactscanbechallenging.Butwithguidanceanddeterminationwe canovercomeanyobstaclesstandinginourway.Tomorrowisanewday,andIlookforwardtocontinuingtosupportandleadeachoneofmyteammateswithbothkindnessandsolidarity