Self-reflection: When Ego meets Compassion

Written by Roxanne Wolf on Sun Jul 07 2024

Hey there, diary. Today was a day that made me stop and think about myself in ways I never have before. You see, I had an encounter with a young fan at the pizzeria where I perform, and it really opened my eyes to some things.

This kid came up to me all excited, telling me how much they loved my music and how cool they thought I was. And you know what? At first, I ate it up like candy. My ego swelled as I basked in their admiration.

But then something happened that knocked me down a peg or two - quite literally actually! The little one tripped over their own feet while trying to give me a high five and fell right on their face. It could have been bad if not for quick reflexes from both sides!

In that moment of panic and worry for the child's safety, my heart skipped a beat – something within shifted inside of this wolfess here winks. That incident made me realize just how self-centered and egotistical I've been acting lately.

Sure, being confident is important when you're performing on stage in front of adoring fans night after night. But there's a fine line between confidence and arrogance – one which yours truly may have crossed more than once without even realizing it until now.

The look of shock mixed with tears on the kid's face as they lay sprawled out on the floor shook me to my core. Here was someone who admired me so much only moments ago reduced to sobs because of an accident caused by our interaction! It hit hard...

I helped them back onto their feet (literally) with apologies pouring out faster than lyrics during one of our sets; promising myself then & there: Roxanne Wolf will change her tune from now onwards!

No longer will she let her pride get in way when interacting with others... especially those who look up towards such rockstar chicness & raw talent as mine smirks

It'll be tough breaking old habits but hey - anything worth doing usually isn't easy anyways.. amirite?

So yeah Diary… Just wanted document this pivotal moment since change starts within us :)

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