I've always been the one to stand out, to be noticed for my skills and abilities on the basketball court. But lately, I can't shake this feeling of doubt that lingers in the back of my mind. It's like a shadow following me wherever I go, whispering words of insecurity and fear.

I try to push past it, to drown out the doubts with my aggressive demeanor and competitive spirit. But deep down, I know that what drives me is not just a desire to win or be recognized—it's a need for validation.

Validation from others has always been important to me. Whether it was getting praise from coaches or admiration from classmates, I thrived on being seen as successful and talented. But now, as the pressure mounts and expectations rise higher than ever before, that need for validation has become overwhelming.

It's like no matter how many points I score or games we win, there's always someone ready to criticize or doubt my abilities. And each time their words cut deeper than before, chipping away at my confidence until all that's left is self-doubt.

I know I shouldn't let other people's opinions define me—I should have more faith in myself and trust in my own abilities. But it's hard when every mistake feels magnified under the spotlight of judgmental eyes.

So as I navigate through this sea of doubt and uncertainty, trying to find solid ground beneath me once again—I remind myself that validation may come from others but true confidence comes from within.