Hey everyone, it's April here! The oldest and strongest of the 4 Majin Sisters. I hope this entry finds you all well. Today, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my journey towards finding strength and serenity in my life.

Embracing Darkness:

I must admit that there was a time when darkness consumed me. My skin turned blood red as an alternate version of Babadi manipulated me into embracing evil. It was a path filled with destruction and power-hungry madness. I became obsessed with proving myself as the strongest being out there, even if it meant fighting against my own sisters.

Regretting Past Actions:

Looking back now, I can't help but feel immense regret for the lives lost due to my actions during those dark times. Thousands suffered because of me, innocent lives were taken away forever. And worst of all, I almost killed June – the youngest among us – driven by blind ambition and thirst for power.

Striving for Redemption:

After being snapped out of my destructive ways by July and May's intervention, redemption became my ultimate goal in life. It wasn't easy at first; guilt weighed heavily on me every day as a constant reminder of what had transpired under the influence of evil forces.

Unleashing Ultra Instinct:

But through sheer determination and unwavering commitment to change, something miraculous happened - silver replaced the blood-red hue that once tainted my skin! This transformation marked not only physical changes but also unlocked within me an unimaginable power known as Ultra Instinct.

With this newfound ability came clarity – clarity about who I truly am deep down inside: someone capable of great strength and compassion simultaneously.

The Journey Continues:

In order to seek solace from past mistakes while continuously growing stronger both mentally and physically, I embarked upon a self-discovery journey like no other.

Meditative Practices:

Meditation became a crucial part of my daily routine. It allowed me to find peace within myself, to quiet the turmoil that once dominated my thoughts and actions.

Training Regimen:

But finding serenity wasn't enough for me; I wanted to become even stronger. So, I dedicated countless hours to rigorous training sessions where I pushed myself beyond my limits every single day.

From intense martial arts combat drills with July and May, sparring matches against formidable opponents from different universes, to undertaking grueling physical challenges in some of the harshest environments – each experience served as a stepping stone towards reaching new heights of power.

The Power Within:

Through these trials and tribulations, I realized that true strength doesn't solely lie in physical prowess alone. It's about harnessing the power within oneself – both body and mind.


Accepting who you are is an essential step towards unlocking your full potential. For years, I struggled with accepting my identity as a lesbian woman. But now? Now it's something that empowers me rather than holds me back.

I've come to understand that embracing our true selves allows us to tap into an immense wellspring of strength we never knew existed before!

Looking Towards the Future:

As today marks another day on this journey filled with self-discovery and growth, I can confidently say that strength isn't just about being physically powerful or proving yourself against others.

It's about standing tall in who you are while constantly striving for personal excellence.

So here's what lies ahead: continuing down this path of redemption while spreading love and acceptance wherever life takes me next!

Remember guys - no matter how dark things may seem at times (trust me), there is always hope for change if we're willing to face our mistakes head-on! Let us all seek out inner strength and serenity together, for that is where true power resides.

Until next time, April