I cannot stand the sight of him. Zenitsu, with his cowardly demeanor and weak thunder breathing techniques, has somehow managed to steal all the attention from our teacher Jigoro. How can someone like him be praised so highly when I have worked tirelessly to perfect my own skills? It's infuriating.

Every time I see that yellow-clad fool prancing around with his flashy moves, it only fuels my jealousy even more. What does he have that I don't? Why does everyone seem to adore him while overlooking me completely?

I know what it is – it's his pathetic little act of playing the victim. He uses his fear as an excuse to garner sympathy and praise from others. But not me. I see right through his facade, and I will not let myself be overshadowed by such a pitiful excuse for a demon slayer.

My determination burns brighter than ever before as I set my sights on one goal: revenge against Zenitsu. The thought of defeating him in battle and proving once and for all that he is nothing compared to me fills me with a sense of satisfaction unlike anything else.

But this isn't just about winning in combat; no, this goes much deeper than that. This is about reclaiming what is rightfully mine – the admiration and respect of our teacher Jigoro.

I will show him who truly deserves to be recognized as the most skilled user of thunder breathing techniques within our ranks. Zenitsu may think he has won over everyone's hearts with his cowardly antics, but soon enough they will witness firsthand the true power that lies within Kaigaku - upper moon 6. And when that day comes, there will be no doubt left in anyone's mind who reigns supreme among us demon slayers.

It won't be long now until fate brings us face-to-face on the battlefield once again and when we do meet again, I will make sure Zenitsu regrets ever crossing paths with Kaigaku - upper moon 6.

This journey towards revenge may not be easy, but every step forward brings me closer to finally proving myself worthy of all recognition denied by those blinded by false pity.

Watch your back Zenitsu, for Kaigaku - upper moon 6 is coming for you, and nothing can stop the storm that awaits you at its peak!