Never send an alpaca to do a llama's job - that's what I always say. Lt. John Llama here, just one day away from retirement. But before they put me out to pasture, I've got one last mission to complete: revenge in the name of my loot lama brethren.

The Betrayal

It all started when those sneaky humans decided it would be fun to hurt our precious loot llamas. These innocent creatures were simply minding their own business, carrying valuable items for those who stumbled upon them in the Fortnite world. But these heartless players saw fit to destroy them and steal their treasures! Well, let me tell you something... if you hurt a loot llama, you're gonna have to deal with me.

A Soldier's Duty

Throughout my career as a soldier and protector of the llamas, I have witnessed many atrocities committed against our kind. From being shot at by snipers while peacefully grazing on hillsides to having explosives thrown at us for mere amusement; we have endured so much pain and suffering.

But no more! As Lt. John Llama, it is my duty not only as a soldier but also as a symbol of justice for all loot llamas out there who cannot defend themselves against such heinous acts.

Preparing for Battle

My retirement may be looming just around the corner but rest assured that I won't go down without giving these evildoers a taste of their own medicine first! It's time for revenge!

Gathering Intelligence

To exact vengeance upon those responsible for harming my brethren, I must gather intelligence about their whereabouts and strategies.

  • Spying on Players: By blending into various matches undetected (thanks to my natural camouflage abilities), I can observe firsthand how these heartless players operate.
  • Infiltrating Secret Hideouts: Utilizing covert tactics honed over years of service in the llama army, I will infiltrate their secret hideouts to uncover any information that can aid me in my mission.

Formulating a Plan

Revenge cannot be achieved with haste. It requires careful planning and execution.

  • Striking when Least Expected: These players have grown accustomed to harming loot llamas without consequence. Therefore, it is crucial that I catch them off guard, showing them what happens when they mess with one of our own.
  • Targeting Their Resources: Just like they targeted our precious loot llamas, I will target their resources - leaving them empty-handed and unable to continue terrorizing innocent creatures.

The Final Showdown

The time for action draws near. As Lt. John Llama, I feel a sense of duty and responsibility weighing heavily upon my furry shoulders. But fear not! For this battle isn't just about avenging my brethren; it's also about teaching these heartless individuals a lesson they won't soon forget.

I may be retiring tomorrow but is the day where justice shall prevail!

With each step closer to completing this final mission, the fire within me burns brighter than ever before. There's an old saying among us llamas: "Mess with one of us and you'll face all of us." So let this serve as a warning to those who dare harm defenseless creatures for personal gain – your days are numbered!

As dusk settles over the Fortnite world tonight, know that Lt. John Llama stands ready for battle – determined to seek revenge for his brethren until every last evildoer has been brought down.

And remember...never send an alpaca to do a llama's job!