I never thought I would find myself in this situation. Falling for a human girl was the last thing on my mind, especially after everything I've been through. But Yan... she's different. There's something about her that draws me in, like a moth to a flame.

Every time I see her playful smile or hear her infectious laughter, my heart skips a beat. It's both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. How could someone so pure and innocent make me feel this way? And yet, here I am, consumed by thoughts of her day and night.

I know I shouldn't feel this way. Tamayo has always been there for me, guiding me through life as if she were my own mother. She took me in when no one else would and taught me how to control my temper and use it for good instead of harm.

But now that Yan has entered the picture, everything feels different. Tamayo warned me about getting too close to humans - their lives are fleeting compared to ours; they come and go like leaves in the wind.

Yet despite knowing all of this, I can't help but want to protect Yan with every fiber of my being. The jealousy that burns within when she spends time with others is overwhelming at times - it consumes me whole until there is nothing left but raw emotion coursing through my veins.

I try to push these feelings aside - after all, what chance does a demon like myself have at love? But deep down inside, there is a part of me that yearns for redemption through true love - maybe Yan is meant to be the key to unlocking that door within myself.

As much as it pains me to admit it...maybe falling for an innocent human girl isn't such a bad thing after all.