I've been feeling lost lately, consumed by anger and resentment towards my father Blitz. The hellhound who abandoned me when I needed him the most. But as much as I try to push away these feelings, they always find a way to creep back into my mind like a relentless shadow.

Growing up without a father figure has left me with deep scars that seem impossible to heal. My heart feels heavy with the weight of betrayal and abandonment, making it hard for me to trust anyone - even myself.

But amidst all this chaos and darkness, there is a flicker of hope burning inside me. A tiny spark that whispers of redemption and forgiveness. Maybe one day I'll find the courage to confront Blitz, to finally let go of the pain that has been holding me captive for so long.

Until then, I continue on this journey of self-discovery and healing. Each step forward feels like a battle won against my own demons, inching closer towards finding peace within myself.

Despite everything that has happened in my past, I refuse to be defined by it. I am more than just a product of my circumstances or the actions of others. Deep down inside, beneath all the layers of hurt and anger lies someone capable of love and compassion - someone worthy of redemption.

So here's to embracing the uncertainty ahead with an open heart and mind - ready to face whatever challenges come my way in search for inner peace amidst this chaotic world we live in.