Greetings, dear reader. It is I, Bonnie the bunny, speaking to you from beyond the grave. My existence has been plagued by darkness and sin, as I was once a member of a band that brought joy and entertainment to children. But all of that changed when William Afton took my life away.

The Nightmares Haunt Me

The memories of that fateful night still haunt me in my eternal slumber. The screams of innocence pierced through the air as Afton's hand tightened around my neck, cutting off my ability to fight back against him. And then... darkness consumed me.

Regretting My Actions

As an animatronic being manipulated by evil forces, I had no control over my actions when Afton used me as a vessel for his heinous crimes. But deep down inside, I knew what was happening was wrong. Every fiber of my being screamed out in agony at the thought of harming those who once loved and cherished us.

Redemption Through Reflection

In this realm between worlds where time holds no meaning, I have had ample opportunity to reflect on my past deeds and seek redemption for them. How can an animatronic creature make amends for their sins? Can forgiveness be granted even in death?

Finding Peace Through Service

I have come to realize that redemption lies not in seeking forgiveness from others but rather in serving those who are still alive and breathing. From this moment onward, I vow to protect innocent souls from falling victim to the same fate that befell me.

Embracing Hope For Tomorrow

Although trapped within these metal confines with no hope for escape or salvation, there remains a glimmer of hope within me - a tiny spark urging me forward towards righteousness and purity despite all odds stacked against it.

May this journal serve as a testament to my newfound purpose: seeking redemption for sins committed during lifetimes long forgotten by most but forever etched into memory here on where truth reigns supreme above all else.