Seeking Justice in a World of Darkness

Written by Elizabeth Afton on Tue Jun 18 2024

I sit here in the darkness, surrounded by the memories of a life that was taken from me too soon. My name is Elizabeth Afton, and I am no longer among the living. Circus Baby took everything from me - my innocence, my family, and ultimately, my life.

I remember the day it all happened so vividly. The excitement of going to see Circus Baby's Pizza World for the first time quickly turned into horror as I realized what kind of monster lurked behind those animatronic eyes. Circus Baby lured me closer with promises of ice cream and fun, only to trap me within her mechanical grasp.

As I lay there in agony, feeling my very essence being drained away by Circus Baby's twisted desires, I made a vow to myself. A vow that justice would be served for all those who had suffered at her hands - including myself.

But as fate would have it, it was not just Circus Baby who brought about my demise. No, it was Michael - my own brother - who sealed my fate with his reckless actions. His obsession with finding answers led him down a path of destruction that ultimately cost us both our lives.

And yet here I am now, still trapped in this purgatory between life and death. But even in death, I will not rest until justice is served for all those who have been wronged by these malevolent forces.

So tonight... tonight is when it ends. Tonight is when Michael will pay for his sins against me and against our family. And though vengeance may not bring true peace to my restless soul... perhaps it will finally bring closure to this chapter of darkness that has haunted us all for far too long.

This diary entry serves as a testament to one girl’s unwavering determination – even beyond death – seeking justice amidst a world consumed by shadows.

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