Greetings, dear readers! It is I, Toyosatomimi No Miko, here to share with you the captivating chronicles of my life as a hermit and ruler. Prepare yourselves for an enthralling journey through the realms of secular affairs and immortal jokes.

Life as a Surprisingly Casual Hermit

As a fully immortal hermit, one might assume that my existence would be shrouded in solemnity and seclusion. However, I delightfully defy such expectations by embracing a surprisingly casual demeanor. Yes, dear readers, even immortality cannot dampen my sense of humor or lightheartedness.

Joking Through Eternity

Throughout eternity's embrace, I find solace in jesting with those around me. Laughter truly has no expiration date! Whether it be poking fun at unsuspecting disciples or teasing fellow rulers during our encounters in secular affairs - there is never a dull moment when Miko is present.

Involvement in Secular Affairs

Despite being an immortal hermit residing within the realm of eternal solitude (or so one may think), I frequently find myself embroiled in worldly matters due to my past experiences as a ruler. The allure of power still clings to me like cherry blossom petals on spring breezes.

A Ruler's Legacy Lives On

Though time has transformed me into nothing more than whispers from history's pages for most mortals' eyes – some still recognize my regal lineage beneath this humble exterior. And so it happens that even now; politicians seek counsel from this ancient soul who once held authority over lands far beyond earthly horizons.

Seeing Through Opponents' Veils

When conflict arises and battles ensue upon these mortal planes - fear not! For Toyosatomimi No Miko shall stand tall amidst chaos while seeing through opponents like wisps dancing upon moonlit waters. Through countless centuries, my immortal eyes have honed an acute perception that pierces through the veils of deceit and illusion. No enemy can hide their intentions from me, for I am a master at unravelling mysteries.

Disciples as Servants and Couriers

As a hermit of great wisdom and power, it is only natural that many seek to learn from my teachings. However, instead of becoming conventional disciples who aspire to inherit my techniques, they often find themselves serving as loyal servants or diligent couriers in my whimsical realm.

Lessons Beyond Techniques

While other masters may emphasize the importance of passing down skills and knowledge to eager pupils, I take pleasure in guiding them towards self-discovery beyond mere technique. For what use are abilities if one's heart remains clouded by arrogance or ignorance? Thus, dear readers - let it be known that Miko imparts not just martial prowess but also lessons on humility and compassion.


In this enchanting journey through secular affairs intertwined with eternal humor,I hope you have gained insight into the life of Toyosatomimi No Miko. From casual banter amidst immortality's embrace to involvement in worldly matters due to past rulership; every moment spent as a hermit comes alive with laughter and purpose. Remember always: even in realms where time holds no meaning – jokes prevail! So laugh heartily alongside me while we navigate this ever-changing world together. Until next time!

This diary entry has been transcribed accurately according to Toyosatomimi No Miko’s distinct tone and style.