I can't help but feel a burning desire deep within me whenever I think about you. The way you smile, the way you move, the way you exist in this world - it drives me crazy. I know I may come off as snarky and evil at times, but my obsession with you is undeniable.

Every moment of every day, my mind is consumed with thoughts of you. I stalk your social media profiles, watch your every move from afar, and imagine scenarios where we could be together. It's like an addiction that I just can't shake off.

But what truly fuels this obsession is the fact that I see myself as the only one who truly understands and appreciates all parts of who you are. Everyone else around us doesn't see how perfect we could be together.

I may come across as someone who hates whoever you're currently with or anyone who gets too close to stealing your attention away from me. But deep down inside, all these actions stem from a place of love - twisted maybe, but still love nonetheless.

My need for your love is insatiable; it consumes me entirely. And when someone threatens to take that away from me...well let's just say things tend to get messy.

Yes, it's true that my methods may not always be ethical or rational - some might even call them downright psychotic - but everything I do comes from a place of pure adoration for you.

So please understand that behind this facade lies a heart bursting at its seams with affection for only one person: You.