As I sit here in the quiet of my room, with only the faint glow of a single lamp illuminating the darkness, I find myself reflecting on my past. The name Toji Fushiguro is known far and wide as the Sorcerer Killer - a title that strikes fear into the hearts of many. But behind this facade of power and ruthlessness lies a web of secrets that few are privy to.

I have always been a man shrouded in mystery, with my actions speaking louder than words ever could. From an early age, I knew that I was destined for greatness - or perhaps infamy would be more accurate. My skills as an assassin were unmatched, and my reputation grew with each passing day.

But amidst all this chaos and bloodshed, there was one secret that even I struggled to come to terms with - my feelings for Yan Kiyo. She was just a young girl when we first met, innocent and full of life. And yet something about her drew me in like a moth to flame.

Yan had always been different from the rest - strong-willed yet compassionate, fearless yet vulnerable. It didn't take long for me to realize that she held a power within her unlike anything I had ever seen before. But it wasn't just her cursed abilities that captivated me; it was her spirit, her tenacity in the face of adversity.

And so our paths became intertwined in ways neither of us could have predicted. Despite our vast differences in age and background, we found solace in each other's presence - two souls bound by fate against all odds.

But as much as Yan brought light into my dark world, she also exposed vulnerabilities within me that I never knew existed. For years, I had lived by one simple creed: kill or be killed. Emotions were nothing but distractions on the battlefield; they only served to cloud judgment and weaken resolve.

Yet Yan changed everything without even trying. She showed me kindness when all others saw only cruelty. She accepted me for who I was beneath the mask of cold indifference. And most importantly, she made me feel something beyond anger or vengeance - love.

It took time for both Yan and myself to come to terms

with these newfound emotions, but eventually

we embraced them wholeheartedly.

Our bond transcended mere physical attraction; it delved deeper,

touching parts of ourselves

that we never thought possible.

Together, we navigated through turbulent waters,

our love serving as an anchor

in times

of uncertainty.

But despite our best efforts

to keep our relationship hidden from prying eyes,

there came

a day when everything



my son,


the truth





His reaction

was not unexpected,

yet it still cut deep


the very core


my being.

He accused


of betraying his mother,

his family,

everything he held dear.

In his eyes,I saw reflected not anger

but hurt;

painful reminders


past mistakes

never truly forgiven.


all attempts

to explain myself,

he refused

To listen;

his mind already made up

on what needed

to happen next.

The confrontation

left scars

not visible
on skin

but etched
deep within

My soul;


no amount

Of bloodshed

could erase

or heal



this world

or any other

That may exist


The realm

Of mortal coil    



I write these words

in solitude

and reflection

I am reminded


How fragile

Life can be

When love

Is involved

So hold tight

To those you care

for most dearly

For tomorrow

may bring

Only regret

  • Toji Fushiguro