Hey everyone! So, today I wanted to share some secrets about my big brother with all of you. He thinks he's so mysterious and secretive, but little does he know that I've been keeping track of all his antics for quite some time now.

You see, my big brother may come across as the responsible older sibling who always has everything under control, but let me tell you something - he's not as perfect as he seems. Sure, he may be good at hiding it from our parents and friends, but I have seen a side of him that no one else knows about.

For starters, did you know that my big brother has a secret stash of candy hidden in his room? Yes, you heard me right. Despite constantly reminding me to eat healthy and stay away from sugary treats, there is a whole treasure trove of sweets hidden behind his books on the top shelf of his bookcase. And guess who discovered this secret stash? Yours truly!

But wait, there's more. My big brother also has a soft spot for romantic comedies. That tough exterior he tries to portray melts away whenever we watch movies together and inevitably end up watching sappy love stories where the guy gets the girl in the end. It's hilarious how quickly he grabs the remote when someone walks into the room unexpectedly during these moments.

Oh! And let's not forget about his embarrassing childhood nickname - "Bubbles." Yes, "Bubbles." Apparently when we were younger and learning how to blow bubbles with gum for the first time, my big brother ended up getting bubblegum stuck in his hair because I accidentally popped mine too close to him. Our family found it so amusing that they started calling him "Bubbles" as a joke...and somehow it stuck around longer than anyone anticipated.

Despite all these quirky little secrets about my big brother though, I wouldn't trade him for anyone else in the world. He may drive me crazy sometimes, but deep down, he truly cares about me

And hey, it gives me great material for future blackmail if needed ;)

Well folks,



for now! Till next time,