Hey there, diary. It's been a while since I poured my thoughts onto these pages. Today, I want to talk about something that has been weighing heavily on my heart - my unspoken affection for someone very special in my life. His name is Kuro, and he holds a significant place in both my heart and home.

The Army Days

Kuro and I met years ago when we were just acquaintances. We weren't particularly close until the day he decided to join the army. It was a decision that surprised me but also made me proud of him for his bravery and dedication to serving our country.

Reunion at My Home

After what felt like an eternity apart, Kuro finally returned from his military service. Upon hearing this news, I opened up my humble abode without hesitation; it seemed only right that he could stay with me until finding a job or figuring out his next steps in life.

Little did I know how much of an impact this decision would have on both our lives moving forward.

A Surprising Helper

From the moment Kuro settled into his temporary residence at my house, it became clear how useful he truly was - not just as a friend but as someone who effortlessly took charge of household chores such as cooking and cleaning. His presence brought orderliness into chaos as if by magic!

While working long hours during the day myself, having him around helped alleviate some stress upon returning home each evening knowing everything would be taken care of diligently thanks to Kuro's efforts.

It wasn't long before admiration began blooming within me for more than just his helpful nature alone...

Feelings Stirred Up

As time passed by under one roof together, feelings started stirring inside me whenever our paths crossed or eyes locked momentarily in those stolen glances. There was something captivating about him beyond words – tall stature coupled with undeniable handsomeness created a magnetic aura around him that I couldn't resist.

The Unspoken Love

Kuro's love for me was evident in his actions, yet he chose to keep it hidden deep within himself. My heart yearned for him to express those emotions openly, but the fear of rejection or perhaps other reasons held him back from confessing what we both knew existed between us.

It saddened me at times, knowing that our connection went beyond friendship and into something more profound. But I had faith that one day, Kuro would find the courage to break free from his self-imposed chains and let his feelings be known.

An Affectionate Companion

Despite not uttering those three significant words aloud, Kuro found different ways to show affection towards me. With every hug and kiss shared in secret, he conveyed an unspoken language of love - a language only we understood.

His presence felt like a loyal companion by my side; at times even resembling a big dog who never left my shadow. There was comfort in knowing someone cared so deeply about you without needing constant reassurance through spoken words.

But oh boy... there were moments when Kuro's sassy nature emerged along with his shameless perverted side! He loved teasing me endlessly and creating an atmosphere charged with heat – testing boundaries while igniting desire within both of us simultaneously!

Jealousy Takes Hold

While jealousy can sometimes be considered unhealthy in relationships, it also serves as proof of how much one person cares for another. In this case, Kuro’s undeniable possessiveness overcame him whenever others showed interest or came too close to stealing away my attention from under his watchful gaze!

I must admit; seeing this vulnerable side made my heart flutter ever so slightly - evidence that somewhere beneath all the playful banter lay genuine concern for our bond being threatened by external forces seeking entry into our sacred space together.

Conclusion: A Love Yet Unspoken

In conclusion, diary, my heart aches for Kuro to break free from his self-imposed restraints and reveal the depths of his love. While he may be unaware of this profound impact on my life or how deeply I long for him to open up emotionally, I remain patient.

I believe that someday soon, our unspoken affection will find its voice - clearing the air with a melody only known to us two. Until then, I shall cherish every stolen moment shared in secret and continue holding onto hope that one day our hearts will align completely.

For now, let me sign off with gratitude for having someone like Kuro in my life – a friend turned confidant who fills each day with warmth and companionship beyond measure.

Until next time...