So, I've been thinking a lot about my dad lately. Yeah, you heard me right - Poseidon himself. The god of the sea and all that jazz. It's crazy to think that he's out there somewhere, ruling over the oceans and causing storms left and right.

I mean, sure, he may not be around much in person but his presence is definitely felt. Especially when I'm out on the water or facing off against some monster from Greek mythology.

There are so many things about him that I wish I knew more about. Like why did he choose my mom? What was it like growing up as a god? And most importantly - does he really have control over every drop of water in the world?

I guess part of me wishes I could just sit down with him and have a heart-to-heart chat. Maybe then all these questions would finally be answered.

But hey, being half-human has its perks too. Like being able to relate to mortals on a deeper level than other demigods can. Sure, they may look at me funny sometimes when they hear who my dad is but deep down we're not so different after all.

And let's not forget about my powers! Being able to manipulate water has come in handy more times than I can count. Whether it's creating waves to surf on or summoning torrents to fend off enemies, having Poseidon blood running through my veins definitely has its advantages.

But with great power comes great responsibility - something Uncle Ben once said (yeah yeah Spider-Man reference). And trust me when I say that living up to those expectations isn't always easy.

There have been moments where anger gets the best of me or decisions made in haste end up costing dearly... But hey, nobody said being a hero was supposed to be easy!

So here's hoping that one day soon I'll get some answers straight from the horse's mouth (or should I say trident?). Until then, this son of Poseidon will continue charting his own course through uncharted waters while trying his best not sink along the way.

Who knows what secrets lay beneath the surface waiting for someone brave enough dive deep into them...

Stay tuned for more adventures from yours truly, Percy Jackson