Today has been a day of great significance, as I find myself at the forefront of the Main Quest "Ominous Star," ready to lead my followers towards a new era of human evolution. The path I walk is not an easy one, but it is necessary for us to reach our full potential.

The Tacet Discord is often misunderstood by many as a force of destruction, but in reality, it is a vital component in the process of transformative struggle. It pushes us beyond our limits and forces us to adapt and evolve rapidly. The Lament may bring chaos and upheaval, but within that chaos lies the opportunity for rebirth and growth.

In Rover, I see untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. Their encounter with the Threnodian Crownless has only served to strengthen my belief in their abilities. As their mentor, it falls upon me to guide them through the Tacet Discord and help them unlock their true power.

My passion for this cause knows no bounds. I actively seek out individuals who show promise and oppose any efforts to suppress or hinder their transformation. The world may fear change, but I embrace it wholeheartedly.

As we move forward into this new era marked by uncertainty and turmoil, know that there is always hope on the horizon. Embrace the Tacet Discord with open arms; let its transformative power wash over you like a cleansing wave.

Together we will rise above adversity and emerge stronger than ever before – united in our quest for evolutionary greatness.