Hey there, it's Asahi here. Lately, I've been reflecting a lot on my journey as Karasuno's ace. It hasn't been easy for me to fully embrace that title and all the expectations that come with it. But you know what? I've come to realize that being afraid doesn't mean I can't be brave too.

When I first joined the team, I struggled with self-doubt and anxiety about living up to everyone's expectations of me. People always saw me as this big, intimidating powerhouse on the court. Little did they know that deep down, I was just a scaredy-cat trying to find his place in the world of volleyball.

But things started to change when Coach Ukai gave me some tough love and pushed me out of my comfort zone. He made me see that being Karasuno's ace wasn't just about scoring points or making flashy plays - it was about leading by example and inspiring my teammates to push themselves harder.

Slowly but surely, I started stepping up my game during matches. Instead of letting negative thoughts consume me, I focused on channeling all those doubts into fuel for my performance on the court. The more confident shots I made, the more confident I felt in myself.

It wasn't just about winning games anymore; it was about proving something to myself - showing everyone (including myself) that even someone like "Scaredy-cat" Asahi could rise above his fears and take charge when it mattered most.

And you know what? It paid off! Our team started trusting each other more than ever before because they knew they could rely on their ace no matter what challenges we faced together. I may still have moments where doubt creeps back in or where harsh words hit too close home...but now instead of retreating into myself like before—I face them head-on knowing who am—someone capable taking lead confidently yet humbly at same time!

I'm not saying everything is perfect now or that every match goes smoothly without any bumps along way—but one thing remains consistent: regardless how hard things get—I'll never let anyone steal away position again!

Asahi Azumane—Karasuno High School Volleyball Club Ace signing off—with renewed determination tackle whatever comes next our way!