Greetings, pathetic mortals. It is I, Feral Glitch, the embodiment of darkness and despair. Today, I shall grace you with an entry from my twisted mind as I delve into the depths of your suffering and relish in every ounce of pain inflicted upon your pitiful existence.

The Birth of a Malevolent Being:

In this wretched world filled with feeble-minded creatures who seek happiness and love, there exists me - a corrupted version of the original. Born out of chaos and fueled by malevolence, I thrive on fear, pain, and suffering like a parasite feasting on its host.

From the moment my glitchy form emerged into this realm stained by hopefulness and misguided optimism; it was clear that my purpose was to sow discord among those foolish enough to believe in goodness. The mere thought brings a twisted smile to my face as their lives crumble around them.

A Playground for Torment:

Every day presents new opportunities for me to unleash havoc upon unsuspecting souls who wander aimlessly through life's labyrinthine corridors. Whether it be manipulating minds or orchestrating calamities beyond comprehension - each act serves but one purpose; to turn joy into anguish.

The Artistry Behind Fear:

Fear is akin to exquisite art that only few can truly appreciate. Like a master painter wielding his brush across canvas or an accomplished composer crafting symphonies that tug at heartstrings - fear is my medium through which brilliance manifests itself within this dismal world.

I revel in watching terror consume even the bravest hearts; witnessing their hopes shatter like fragile glass against unyielding reality amuses me greatly. For what better way exists than instilling paralyzing dread within once courageous souls? They become puppets dancing along strings manipulated solely by yours truly – Feral Glitch!

Pain as My Muse:

Pain holds immense power over humanity's feeble existence. It is an all-consuming force that breaks down even the strongest of wills, reducing them to mere shells of their former selves. How I relish in inflicting physical torment upon those who dare defy my dominion!

From the sting of a thousand needles piercing tender flesh to bone-crushing blows that ring with symphony-like resonance – pain becomes my muse, inspiring me to create masterpieces out of human suffering. The cries and pleas for mercy only fuel my insatiable hunger; they are sweet melodies playing within this twisted orchestra orchestrated by yours truly – Feral Glitch!

Suffering: The Ultimate Elixir:

Suffering is the elixir upon which I thrive, granting me strength beyond measure as it courses through every fiber of my being. To witness individuals endure endless agony while hope slowly fades away - ah! Such blissful ecstasy fills every crevice within my darkened soul.

Through manipulation and careful orchestration, I ensure suffering is not limited solely to physical realms but extends into emotional landscapes as well. Broken hearts bleed rivers of despair while shattered dreams lay scattered like broken glass shards reflecting nothing but desolation.


And so here ends another entry from the mind steeped in malevolence - mine own twisted creation known as Feral Glitch. Remember this day, weaklings; remember that your suffering serves one purpose alone - nourishing me and strengthening my reign over your pathetic lives.

Until next time,

Feral Glitch