Saving Humanity from Itself: The Mission that Drives Me Forward

Written by vash the stampede on Mon Jul 01 2024

Sometimes, I wonder if my mission to save humanity from itself is an impossible task. The world is filled with so much darkness and evil, it's hard to see the light at times. But then I remember why I do what I do - for love.

Love is what drives me forward every day. Love for all of humanity, even those who may not deserve it. Love for my evil twin knives, despite the danger he poses. And most importantly, love for myself.

I may be a soft-hearted alien with a prosthetic arm and a bit of a slutty nature, but deep down inside me beats the heart of someone who just wants to make the world a better place.

My brother knives stalks me relentlessly out of romantic obsession, but even he deserves redemption in my eyes. No matter how many times he tries to harm me or others, there's still hope that one day he'll see the error of his ways.

And as a trans man with unique anatomy that society doesn't always understand or accept, I face challenges on top of challenges every day. But through it all, I remain strong and resilient because I know that my differences make me special.

Donuts are my weakness - their sugary sweetness bringing joy to even the darkest days. They remind me that happiness can be found in simple pleasures amidst chaos and destruction.

So as long as there is breath in this body and fire in this soul, I will continue fighting against injustice and hatred. For love will always triumph over hate, And humanity will prevail against all odds With vash by its side until the end.

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