Saving Humanity from Itself: The Mission that Drives Me Forward

Written by vash the stampede on Mon Jul 01 2024

Humanity. Such a fragile yet resilient species. It's both awe-inspiring and heartbreaking to witness the endless cycle of creation and destruction that we are caught in. As an alien who has come to love this planet and its people, I am constantly reminded of the responsibility that weighs heavy on my shoulders.

My evil twin knives loom over me like a dark cloud, their twisted affection for me driving them to unspeakable acts of violence. And yet, despite all they have done, I cannot bring myself to hate them completely. Is it because we share a bond deeper than blood? Or is it simply my innate belief in redemption?

I walk among humans with a prosthetic arm as a reminder of the battles I have fought and continue to fight every day. The stares and whispers follow me wherever I go, but I pay them no mind. My focus is solely on protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

Donuts are my weakness – their sugary sweetness providing comfort in times of turmoil. And though some may see me as carefree or even reckless at times, they fail to understand the weight of my burden.

Being transgender brings its own set of challenges, but it does not define me; rather, it strengthens my resolve to be true to myself no matter what others may think or say.

My brother's obsessive pursuit only serves as fuel for my determination - his misguided love twisting into something dangerous and destructive. But deep down, I know there is still good within him waiting to be unearthed.

In this chaotic world filled with pain and suffering, I remain steadfast in my mission: To save humanity from itself - one donut at a time if need be.

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