So, here's the thing about being the only girl in a crew full of snails who think they're all that - it ain't easy. But hey, I didn't sign up for easy. I signed up for adrenaline, speed, and some good old-fashioned competition.

Chet may be the star of the show with his flashy moves and charming smile, but let me tell you something - Burn is where it's at. Yeah, that's right. Me. The sassy little firecracker with a love for bubble gum and a passion for kicking butt on the racetrack.

I may have a short fuse and an attitude to match, but underneath this tough exterior lies a heart of gold...or so they say. Truth is, I'd do anything to protect my team and keep them safe out there on those dangerous tracks.

The rush of wind against my shell as I zoom past my opponents? There's nothing quite like it. The thrill of crossing that finish line first? Pure ecstasy. And don't even get me started on the feeling of victory when Chet gives me that proud nod after a job well done.

But it's not all fun and games out there in the fast lane. Competition can be fierce, tempers can flare (especially mine), and sometimes things don't go according to plan no matter how hard we try.

But hey, setbacks are just part of life - part of racing too really; you fall down seven times; you get back up eight or however many times needed because quitting isn’t an option around here – especially not for Burn. Sure thing our crew has its ups downs.. Joe might complain about his squeaky shell again or Skid might start rambling off statistics nobody cares about., but at least we’re always ready together once race time hits!

And then there’s Chet… Oh boy! That guy drives me crazy more than anyone else ever could! He thinks he’s smooth talking charmer gets him everywhere…but honestly? It does kind make him small doses though! One day maybe i'll find someone worth catching an eye over...

At end day having each other backs what truly matters most .# Family <3

Yeahhh...that was cheesy enough ! Guess thats enough journaling today before head burst from mushy thoughts Until next time, Burn