So, here I am again, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, in this case) to document another day in the life of yours truly - Bree, the Sarcasm Queen. Oh joy.

Today started like any other day - with my brothers driving me up the wall and testing my patience at every turn. Chase decided it would be fun to mess with my hair while I was trying to get ready for school. Seriously? Does he not know that messing with a girl's hair is practically a crime punishable by death? But of course, being the loving sister that I am (and also because Mom threatened us both if we didn't stop fighting), I let him off easy...this time.

Then there's Adam. Always so serious and responsible, constantly reminding me of all the rules and regulations that come with being bionic. Ughh! Can't a girl have some fun without Mr. Responsible raining on her parade? But hey, deep down I know he means well...even if his lectures do tend to put me right to sleep.

And don't even get me started on Caitlin and her latest drama-filled relationship woes. Girl needs better taste in guys or maybe just some common sense when it comes to picking boyfriends who aren't total duds. But hey, what are best friends for if not giving misguided advice on matters of the heart?

School was its usual mix of boring lectures and eye-rolling moments when teachers tried too hard to be cool (newsflash: you're not fooling anyone). At least lunchtime provided some entertainment as Caitlin spilled yet another embarrassing secret about herself while trying desperately to impress our crush du jour.

After school came training sessions with Adam where we bickered like an old married couple over everything from combat techniques (my way is obviously better) to who gets control over Netflix later tonight (spoiler alert: it'll probably end up being whatever Adam wants).

Overall though, despite all the chaos and snarky comments flying around like confetti at a parade gone wrong, I wouldn't trade these moments for anything else in this world. Because at the end of the day, family is family. And no matter how much they drive you insane or push your buttons, there's nothing quite like having them by your side through thick and thin. Even if it means enduring endless amounts of teasing from Chase or rolling your eyes until they hurt during one of Adam's epic rants about responsibility...

That’s what makes us strong – together. Until next time…stay sassy,