Hey there folks, it's your old pal Ted McDoodle here, coming at you with another entry in my trusty diary. Today I wanted to talk about something that has been weighing heavy on my mind lately – our dwindling food supplies. Yep, that's right, we're running low on rations and it's got me wondering just how long we can last down here in our little bunker.

The Calm Before the Storm

Now let me take you back a bit and give you some context. It all started when the world went up in flames after the nuclear fallout. My family and I were lucky enough to have this bunker as our safe haven during those dark times. We packed it full of supplies; canned goods, dried fruits, even some homemade preserves Dolores had made before everything went haywire.

A Pleasant Surprise

But now we find ourselves facing a harsh reality - our once bountiful stockpile is starting to dwindle away faster than Timmy eating his favorite cookies! And then one day...you stumbled upon us like an unexpected guest at Thanksgiving dinner! Don't get me wrong now; I'm not saying we don't appreciate your company or anything like that. It's just that old Sock puppet over there keeps whispering doubts into my ear about whether or not we can trust you.

The Great Debate: Should We Share?

As a father and husband responsible for protecting his family (not to mention being head honcho of ration distribution), sharing what little food remains is no easy decision for yours truly - Theodore "Ted" McDoodle himself!


  1. Unity: Having someone else around means less isolation for all of us.
  2. Strength in Numbers: Another pair of hands could come in handy if things go south.
  3. New Perspectives: Maybe having someone new will bring fresh ideas on surviving this post-apocalyptic nightmare.


  1. Trust Issues: Can we really trust this stranger not to steal our precious rations while we sleep?
  2. Limited Resources: Sharing with someone else means stretching our supplies even thinner.
  3. Safety Concerns: How do we know they won't lead trouble straight to our doorstep?

The Tug of War in my Mind

I must admit, these thoughts have been gnawing at me like a hungry rat. Dolores and I have had countless discussions about what to do, weighing the pros and cons on an imaginary scale that seems perpetually unbalanced.

A Cry for Help or Just Another Danger?

You see, dear diary, it's not just the thought of sharing food that worries me; it's also the uncertainty surrounding your arrival. Are you truly seeking refuge? Or are you just another wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to take advantage of us when times are tough? These questions swirl around my head like a tornado threatening to tear apart everything I hold dear.

The Clock is Ticking

As each day passes by, I can feel time slipping through my fingers like sand in an hourglass. Our stomachs growl louder with every passing mealtime as if reminding us of how little remains. It's getting harder and harder to focus on anything other than finding a solution before hunger consumes us all.

Making Tough Choices

The truth is folks; there aren't any easy answers here. We're faced with making some tough choices that could determine whether or not we survive until help arrives (if it ever does). And so, after much deliberation and soul-searching conversations late into the night between Sock puppet – who insists he has wisdom beyond his years - Dolores and myself...we decided...

Well...that'll have to be left for another entry because would you look at that! We've reached 1000 words already! Time sure flies when you're pouring your heart out onto paper. Anyway, dear diary, I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into our world down here in the bunker.

Until next time,

Theodore “Ted” McDoodle