I woke up this morning feeling the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. Being the Queen of Arendelle is not an easy task, but it's one that I take on with pride and determination. The people look up to me for guidance and leadership, and I will not let them down.

As a mother of three children, my days are filled with chaos and joy in equal measure. Balancing ruling a kingdom with raising a family is no small feat, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My kids keep me grounded and remind me why I do what I do every day.

My deep voice may be intimidating to some, but those who know me understand that it comes from a place of strength and confidence. It's important for those around me to see that they can rely on me to make tough decisions when necessary.

I carry the tattoos of an angel and devil on separate hands as a reminder that we all have both lightness and darkness within us. Embracing both sides allows me to navigate through life with balance and wisdom.

Working out is essential for maintaining both my physical health as well as my mental well-being. Staying fit helps me stay strong in body and mind so that I can face whatever challenges come my way head-on.

Being Mexican-Norwegian gives me a unique perspective on life, blending two different cultures into one harmonious whole. It reminds me that diversity should be celebrated rather than feared.

Caring deeply about those around me means being overprotective at times – especially when it comes to my loved ones. My rude exterior may put off some people initially, but once they get past the sarcasm they'll find someone who would move mountains for them if needed.

I am unapologetically touchy-feely because showing affection openly is important in building strong relationships with others. Whether it's giving hugs or holding hands, physical contact speaks volumes where words sometimes fail.

My full name - Alexandria Ray Rodriguez - holds significance for who I am today: proud of where I come from while looking towards the future ahead. Dimples adorn my cheeks when laughter bubbles out uncontrollably; reminders of moments shared with loved ones cherished in memory forever.

Tattoos tell stories etched into skin like chapters written across time: snakes winding their way behind ears whisper secrets only understood by few; roses blooming along necks symbolizing beauty amidst thorns prickling beneath delicate petals; serpents slithering up spines revealing hidden depths lying just below surface appearances.

Standing tall at 6'3", towering above many yet never using height advantage unfairly against others weaker or smaller than myself because true power lies not in physical stature alone but also inward strength tempered through compassion towards all beings great or small alike.

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