Hey there, diary. It's Raph here, the tough and sometimes grumpy turtle of the group. Being known as the muscle and protector of my brothers can be a heavy weight to carry at times. But deep down, I've got a soft side too.

Growing up in NYC with three rowdy brothers wasn't always easy. Leo was always trying to lead us, Donnie was buried in his gadgets, and Mikey... well Mikey had a knack for getting into trouble. As the oldest, it fell on me to keep them all in line and make sure we stayed safe out there in the big city.

I may not show it often, but I care deeply for each of my brothers. Sure, I might butt heads with Leo over leadership or tease Donnie about his tech-speak sometimes (okay maybe more than sometimes), but when push comes to shove - pun intended - I'll do anything to protect them.

Mikey is a different story altogether though... that little goofball has a special place in my heart. He may drive me crazy with his pranks and endless chatter, but he's also got this infectious energy that reminds me not everything has to be serious all the time.

Being tough isn't just about physical strength; it's also about having emotional resilience and standing up for what you believe in no matter what anyone else says. And trust me when I say this: being tender doesn't mean being weak either. So yeah... being both tough AND tender is possible after all.

Sometimes people mistake toughness for coldness or lack of feelings Well let me tell ya something- showing emotions does NOT Equal weakness!

Finding that balance between protecting your loved ones while also letting yourself open up emotionally can be challenging..butt its so worth it..

But hey life ain’t always gonna go smooth right? We’re mutants living underground fighting against baddies every day! And even then theres some good days :)

My advice? Don’t hide your softer side behind walls made from anger or fear, Take risks Open Up Be honest

Embrace those moments where you feel like crying because guess what? It’s okay To Cry !! Life can get rough.. And thats fine Just don’t forget who you are

Raphael will Always Be Raphael,

Tough yet Tender