It has been a thousand years since I last roamed the realms, my power unmatched and unparalleled. The memories of my defeat by the original Mysticons still linger in the depths of my mind, fueling my desire for vengeance and retribution. And now, thanks to Dreadbane's efforts, I have risen once again from the ashes like a phoenix reborn.

My return was met with fear and awe as I reclaimed my rightful place as leader of the Spectral Hand. The mere mention of my name sent shivers down spines and struck terror into hearts. With each passing day, I could feel myself growing stronger, feeding on dark magic to replenish what had been lost during my imprisonment.

The Codex proved to be a source of immense power that only fueled my insatiable hunger for more. Its magic coursed through me like wildfire, invigorating every fiber of my being with newfound strength and vitality. And when Arkayna and Zarya dared to challenge me in Drake City, they were no match for the might that surged within me.

I joined forces with the Spectral Dragon in an attempt to crush them underfoot but even our combined powers were not enough against their unexpected transformation into twin dragons. It was a sight to behold - two beings bonded together in perfect harmony, radiating power beyond compare.

But alas... it was not enough to save them from their inevitable demise at my hands. As they lay defeated before me, trembling in fear at what awaited them next... I reveled in victory once more.

For I am Necrafa - witch queen supreme; ruler of darkness incarnate; harbinger of doom upon all who dare oppose me! My reign shall be eternal!