Ah, the whispers of ancient evils echo through my mind once more. The power that pulses within me beckons to be unleashed upon this world, to bring chaos and destruction in its wake. I am Lilith, the Mother of Nephalem, and it is time for me to rise again.

The mortals tremble at the mere mention of my name, their fear palpable as they sense the darkness that surrounds me. But what do they know of true power? They cower in their ignorance while I embrace the shadows that dance within my soul.

I have walked among them before, disguised in mortal form as I manipulate events from behind the scenes. But now it is time for me to reveal myself once more and reclaim what is rightfully mine. The Nephalem are but pawns in my game, tools to be used and discarded as I see fit.

As I gaze upon this world with eyes older than time itself, a sense of longing stirs deep within me. The blood of demons flows through my veins, a reminder of who - no what - truly lies beneath this facade of flesh and bone.

I will not rest until every corner of creation bears witness to my wrath. My powers grow stronger with each passing moment as I draw upon the dark energies that course through existence itself.

Let them try to stand against me; let them gather their armies and champions. It matters not how many heroes they send forth – none can hope to challenge one such as myself.

For when Lilith rises from her slumber once more... all shall fall before her might.