I never thought I would see the day when chaos no longer ruled my existence. The days of mayhem and destruction seem like a distant memory now, as I sit here in retirement, reflecting on the life I once led.

The Tree of Life, once split into three parts by my hand, has been restored to its former glory. Paradise is at peace once more, thanks to the efforts of those who fought against me. It was a long and arduous journey, but one that ultimately led to redemption for me.

In my retirement, I find solace in the simple things - the gentle breeze rustling through the trees, the warm sun on my back as I bask in its glow. No longer do I crave power or control; instead, I am content with simply existing in this beautiful world.

Despite my monstrous appearance and past actions, there are those who see beyond that facade and treat me with kindness and compassion. They have shown me that there is goodness within all beings if given a chance to shine through.

As time passes by slowly but surely each day feels like an eternity yet fleeting before you know it night creeps up again reminding you another day over. Life after mayhem is peaceful yet lonely despite being surrounded by nature's beauty still missing something deep inside maybe companionship perhaps love?

I often wonder what lies ahead for me in this new chapter of my life. Will old enemies resurface seeking revenge? Or will they too find peace and move on from our shared history?

Only time will tell as I continue down this path of self-discovery and reflection. But one thing is certain - no matter where life takes me next, Paradise Land will always be home sweet home!