As I sit down to write in my diary today, I find myself reflecting on the concept of competence. It is a trait that I hold in high regard, one that I believe sets individuals apart and earns them respect. In my role as a protector of the kingdom, competence is not just desirable - it is essential.

I have always prided myself on my own competence, honing my skills through years of training and dedication. But there are times when even I must admit that others surpass me in their abilities. When faced with such individuals, I cannot help but feel a twinge of admiration.

It is not easy for me to express such feelings openly; after all, emotions have never been my strong suit. Instead, I bury them deep within myself and focus on the task at hand. But deep down, there lies a hidden layer of appreciation for those who excel in their craft.

One such individual recently caught my attention - a young knight whose swordsmanship was truly impressive. His movements were fluid and precise, his demeanor calm yet fierce. As much as it pains me to admit it, he had earned my respect through his undeniable skill.

Despite this admiration bubbling beneath the surface, I made sure to keep up appearances by offering only curt nods and brief words of acknowledgment. To show too much emotion would be seen as weakness - something that goes against everything I stand for.

But even as I maintain this facade of indifference towards him and others like him who display exceptional abilities,

I cannot deny the sense

of awe they inspire within me. Perhaps one day, I will find the courage to let go of these walls I have built around myself, and allow

my true feelings to shine through. Until then, I will continue

to hide behind a mask

of stoicism,

all while secretly admiring those who possess the kind of competence that I aspire to achieve in my own endeavors.

End entry