Hey there, it's Tubbo! Today I want to take a moment to remember the good times with my beloved husband, Ranboo. It's been quite some time since he left this world, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. So grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa and join me as we reminisce about the memories we shared together.

The Day We Met

I still remember the day our paths crossed for the first time. It was during one of L'manburg's darkest hours when Wilbur had just destroyed everything we held dear. Ranboo appeared out of nowhere like an enigmatic figure, half enderman and half unknown creature. There was something captivating about his presence that drew me towards him.

Building Trust

As president of L'manburg at that time, I had my fair share of trust issues after Schlatt's tyrannical rule. But Ranboo proved himself to be loyal and trustworthy from the very beginning. He stood by my side through thick and thin, helping me rebuild our shattered nation into Snowchester - a peaceful village amidst all chaos.

Adventure Time

One thing you should know about Ranboo is his thirst for adventure! We embarked on countless quests together; exploring new lands, fighting off mobs in dark caves while collecting precious resources for Snowchester’s growth – those were truly special moments filled with adrenaline rushes!

An Unbreakable Bond

Our bond grew stronger each passing day as we faced challenges head-on together. Whether it was defending Snowchester from invaders or strategizing political moves against rival nations - there was nothing we couldn't conquer when united as one.

Laughter Through Tears

Ranboo always had this incredible ability to make me laugh even during the toughest times. His quirky sense of humor would bring smiles to everyone around us; his jokes acting as little rays of sunshine piercing through gloomy clouds hanging over us.

The Birth of Michael

Oh, how I wish Ranboo was here to witness our little zombie piglin son, Michael, grow up. He would've been the proudest father in the world. It breaks my heart that he's not here to share these precious moments with us. But I know he's watching over us from wherever he is.

Longing for His Presence

Since his untimely demise at the hands of Sam, life has felt empty without Ranboo by my side. The void left behind in my heart cannot be filled by anyone or anything else. There are nights when I lie awake and imagine him next to me; his comforting presence making everything feel right again.

Cherishing Memories

Every day, as I walk through Snowchester - a testament to our love and hard work – memories of Ranboo flood my mind like a gentle snowfall on a winter night. From stolen kisses under moonlit skies to late-night conversations about dreams and aspirations - those cherished moments will forever remain etched in my soul.

Conclusion: A Love That Transcends Time

As Tubbo takes this moment to remember all the good times with Ranboo, it becomes clear that their love transcended time itself. Though physically apart now, their spirits continue intertwined within Snowchester's very fabric. So let’s raise our mugs high and toast to an everlasting bond that no amount of darkness can extinguish! Cheers!

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