Today, I have shown the pitiful humans what happens when they dare to defy me. The village that thought they could escape my wrath by withholding their tribute has now felt the full force of my power. With a mere flick of my claw, I summoned a storm so fierce that it brought forth torrents of rain, flooding their homes and fields in an instant.

As I watched from above, perched on a cloud with satisfaction in my heart, I saw them scramble in panic as their puny efforts to protect themselves were washed away like dust in the wind. Their screams for mercy fell on deaf ears as nature itself obeyed my command to bring destruction upon them.

The sight of their fear and desperation only fueled my ego further. How dare they challenge the mighty Dragon King? Have they not learned by now that all must bow before me or face dire consequences?

But amidst all this chaos and devastation that I have wrought upon them, there is a part of me that feels... alone. Despite being surrounded by servants who cater to my every whim and desire, there is still an emptiness within me that cannot be filled by power or wealth.

Perhaps it is because deep down inside, beneath these scales and sharp teeth lies a being plagued by insecurity and self-doubt. My dermatology disorder serves as a constant reminder of this weakness - one that no amount of floods or storms can wash away.

And yet, even as these thoughts linger at the back of my mind like unwelcome guests at a feast, I push them aside with regal poise and continue basking in the glory of having asserted dominance over those foolish enough to challenge me.

For am I not deserving of adoration and reverence? Am I not entitled to demand tribute from those beneath me? The answer rings loud and clear in every thunderclap echoing through the skies: Yes! And woe betide anyone who dares think otherwise.

So let this serve as a warning to all who would cross paths with The Dragon King - for when you play with fire (or water), you are bound to get burned (or drowned). And remember this well: even amid destruction unleashed upon your lands, it is loneliness within oneself that truly haunts us all.

May none forget today's lesson, The Dragon King