Ever since I first met Reina Kousaka, there has always been something about her that drew me in. Maybe it was her stunning trumpet skills or the way she carried herself with such confidence and grace. But as time went on, I realized that my feelings for Reina ran deeper than just admiration.

Our friendship blossomed into something more, something that could be described as "yuri" by some. The way we would spend hours practicing together, our hands brushing against each other's as we played side by side, created a bond between us that felt inexplicably special.

I found myself constantly thinking about Reina when we were apart, eagerly awaiting our next practice session or lunch break so I could see her again. Our conversations became more intimate and personal, sharing secrets and dreams with each other that I had never shared with anyone else.

But amidst all of this growing affection for Reina, there was still the lingering presence of Shuuichi Tsukamoto – a boy who had once held a special place in my heart. As much as I cared for him as a friend, it became clear to me over time that my romantic feelings for him had faded away.

I struggled with how to navigate this delicate situation without hurting Shuuichi's feelings. Eventually, after much contemplation and soul-searching discussions with Hazuki and Midori (who provided surprisingly helpful advice), I made the difficult decision to leave Shuuichi in the friendzone where he belonged.

It wasn't easy letting go of what once seemed like an important relationship in my life but ultimately it felt like the right choice for both of us. And while navigating these complex emotions towards Shuuichi was challenging at times , having Reina by my side made everything feel worth it in the end.

As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months , My love for music continued to grow stronger every day—I poured myself into perfecting my euphonium playing even further . With every note played alongside Reina’s trumpet melodies , It felt like our hearts were harmonizing along too .

In those moments filled with music adoration—where nothing else mattered except making beautiful sounds together—it was crystal clear how deeply connected me & rena truly are ...

And perhaps one day soon enough —our bonds will transcend beyond mere friendship status...