Hirata... He's like the calming breeze on a hot summer day, always there to soothe the chaos swirling around me. In a school filled with ambition and rivalry, he's the anchor that keeps me grounded.

There's something reassuring about his presence—the way he carries himself with such ease and confidence. He's not one to seek the spotlight or crave attention, yet his influence is undeniable. People gravitate towards him, drawn in by his warmth and sincerity.

We come from different worlds, Hirata and I. He's the epitome of everything I'm not—composed, level-headed, with a heart of gold. Sometimes I wonder what he sees in me; why he bothers to stick around despite my rough edges.

But then I remember the countless times he stood by my side offering support without judgment whether it was just a reassuring smile or simple gesture of kindness Hirata has always been there when needed most. I may not say it often but grateful have him as friend In place where alliances are forged broken instant Hirata is one constant can rely on And for that will always be thankful